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Selected Training Program(s) Developed/Delivered

·    “Understanding Group process and Functionality”
  ·    “Conflict management Techniques and Interventions”
  ·    “Cultural Competency skill building”
  ·    “Collaborative Decision  Making Techniques”
  ·    “Statistical analysis as a Planning Tool”
  ·    “Public Meeting Laws for Bodies governed by the Brown Act”
  ·    “Creating Inclusive Systems in Organizational Practices”
  ·    “Effective Professional Boundaries”
  ·     “Effective Conflict Resolution Systems and Strategies”
  ·     “Workplace Violence- Developing Awareness and Prevention”
  ·     “Sexual Harassment Awareness in the Workplace”
  ·     “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for CA Managers”
  ·     “Safety In the Workplace- Developing Awareness”
  ·     “Legal Interviewing and Selection Using STAR Method”
  ·     “Effective Meetings- A Manager’s Toolbox”
  ·     “Effective Facilitation- Strategies for Success”
  ·     “Effective Strategies for Staff Retention”
  ·     “Communicating for Success”
  ·     “Appreciative Inquiry as a Best Practice”
  ·     “Managing Stress Skillfully in the Workplace”

·       “Team Building and Group Dynamics”
  ·     “Motivational Interviewing as Dynamic Communication”
  ·     “Dealing with Difficult Customers”
  ·     “Delegation, Inspiration and Prioritization”
  ·      “Customer Satisfaction Principles”
  ·     “Negotiation Best Practices”
  ·     “Best Practice Systems in Setting Objectives and Goals”
  ·     “Best Practices in Critical Thinking
  ·     “The Principles of Business Requirements Analysis”
  ·     “Customer Service Standards in Telephone and Email”
  ·     “Communicating for Success
  ·      “Skillful Leadership- Winning Presentation Skills”
  ·     “Coaching and Performance Development”
  ·     “Ethical Decision Making”
  ·     “An Ethical Framework for Managing Expectations”
  ·     “Business Based Problem Solving- An organized Framework”

training services

  • Design and deliver training utilizing best practices models such as the "ADDIE"
  • Build in Training effectiveness systems leveraging Kirkpatricks's training effectiveness methodology
  • Design custom training interventions to fit client and/or intervention


 ·    Organizational Development
  ·   Job Coaching  and Staff Support
  ·   Staff Development Initiatives
  ·   Minority/Protected Class Empowerment Dialogues
  ·   Decision Making processes
  ·   Group Development
  ·   Effective Communication
  ·   Management Best Practices
  ·   Communication Best Practices
  ·   Team Building
  ·   Leadership Development
  ·   Organizational Effectiveness Assessments & Interventions
  ·   Conflict Resolution Systems & Implementation
  ·   Diversity Training and Connection to Strategic Business Initiatives
  ·   Career Development
  ·   Effective Business in the Workplace
  ·   Customer Service/Satisfaction translated to Effective Business
  ·   Anti Harassment Best Practices
  ·   Ethics in the  Workplace
  ·   Training and Presentation Skill Development