Sankofa solutions inc.
Global Business Consulting


Sankofa Solutions is a minority (African American), woman owned organization specializing in global full service/wrap around Organizational Effectiveness/development.  

With capacity to provide services to diverse organizations, the company possesses special expertise in working with populations of color & veterans, and facilitating U.S & Ghana, West Africa international business.

    •    Global Marketing

    •    Strategic planning
    •    Executive level Human Resources/coaching & leadership Development
    •    Green/Ecological Business Development (Solar)

International/Global Business Development: (Real Estate and Shayba)
As part of goals of breaking boundaries and building bridges, Sankofa promotes cross cultural relationship building and business development between US & African markets. (Shayba). Additionally, the organization espouses and promotes relationship building between U.S and West Africa.

Sankofa’s services are complemented with well crafted and targeted training and learning interventions to support your organization’s growth and development. Adjunct/auxiliary services may include marketing, public/international relations, technical/creative/grant writing and fundraising. An ideal client would be an innovative, forward thinking,  dynamic entity at a critical juncture of organizational growth in organizational life cycle.