Parker's Place in ghana

Accra - airport residential area

Sankofa solutions inc.
Global Business Consulting

Visit Ghana, west Africa and stay in comfortable executive/resort style setting and/or navigate conducting business in Ghana with expert business and trip facilitators.

With offices in Accra, Sankofa Solutions local US and Ghanian team of consultants will facilitate and support you in navigating your international business goals in Ghana, West Africa. Offering business mentoring services, navigating the often confusing business environ of the local thriving Ghanaian economy may be daunting. This is where our services come in. 


1. Safe and sane accommodation: Whether you are visiting Ghana, West Africa for business or pleasure, facilitate your visit by staying in the luxury, safety and comfort of the Parker Estates. Executive, resort style bungalow homes for rent.  Amenities include pool, Internet connections, washer and dryer, dishwasher in kitchens. For the family-enjoy the utility of an on site playground for the kids! Parker homes is located in a Safe gated community in one of the most exclusive and luxurious neighborhoods in Accra (the capital of Ghana)- Airport Residential Area. Within walking distance of the Kotoka International Airport.


2. Pre-visit Planning: Not quite clear HOW to get to Ghana?  What you need BEFORE you embark on the plane?  Not sure about WHAT you need before you go to visit? To facilitate your visit, Sankofa Solutions will match you to a mentor/travel facilitator fluent in  language, local customs and business expertise -U.S and Ghana- to help take the stress out of your visit.   Prior to your visit, we will provide a local U.S contact to guide/support you through vaccinations, currency and other planning needs and  nuances related to your travel. 

 3. Trip facilitation (Business or pleasure) When you arrive, you will be met at the airport by a member of the Sankofa team who will act as  your Ghanaian US/Business mentor/facilitator.


For more information/leasing contact US contact Wilhelmina Parker - via email or call 510-542-7817 or call Louisa Parker in Ghana, West Africa at 233244271263


Akwaaba! ("Welcome" in Fante dialect!)